Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day Three Hundred & Seven. - Project 365.

Day Three Hundred & Seven. - Clothes Shopping. - We dropped by JcPenny to exchange a broken piece of dinnerware, for the second time, and ended up using our gift cards to buy a new outfit for the each of us. Since I only have one pair of slacks that actually fit me I was going to try to find a pair, in black, to be able to wear. Well apparently I'm just too damn short to find a pair that actually fits me in length and width, so I just ended up buying a skirt and a cute sweater. Mr. V ended up finding a really nice white button down shirt, most of his shirts are dark brown/black, and a black and white sweater to go over the shirt. He looks so handsome! I guess you could say it's a early Christmas present to ourselves.

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