Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Day Well Spent.

After spending a few hours with one of WIlliam's friends that we haven't seen in two months, which was mostly spent with the boys playing video games and talking shit to each other, we decided to make the drive out to Ikea and pick out a television stand. The one we had before was starting to bow in the middle since our big screen is a lot heavier then our older one. After driving 45 minutes we finally saw the sign for our destination and excitement immediately set in. We quickly found a parking spot and headed into furniture heaven. After walking through all the show rooms we finally found the one we had been waiting to see, that also matched our coffee table to a tee, and decided that it was the one we had to have. We also casually walked through the bedrooms and looked at beds that we liked. After making our decision we decided to head downstairs to browse through the rest of the store. This part of the store is filled with, plates, cups, wine glasses, tea kettles, silverware, table cloths, organization boxes, lamps, bedsheets, bathroom sets and much more. We also ended up finding these really nifty organization boxes to go inside the cubbies of our coffee table and television stand, they can be used for dvd's/cd's and magazines, so that everything is not laying out all over the place. After spending a hour and a half inside the store we decided it was time to check out which is where my mouth dropped at the total of three items. Then we made our way to the counter where they have you bring your car to the front and then help you put the box into your car, if needed. We spent about 10 minutes waiting for them to call our number and then wheeled our newly bought television stand out to the car. The fun part was trying to get this box into the trunk of my car, we ended up having to lay down the backseats and pull the passenger seat all the way up, which ended me sitting in the backseat of my own car. Since we were starving we stopped at IHOP, at this point just about anything sounded delicious, to grab dinner before we headed home. As we drove home I kept dozing off, talk about being exhausted.

And I've come to the realization that when getting excited about new furniture, or appliances, that I've turned into a old woman. The days of partying are long gone and replaced with washers and dryers, furniture shopping, and wishing for new a new vaccum. It was nice having a day just the two of us just being ourselves. Honestly, I'd take all of that over partying any day.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Peace And Quiet.

The past two days at work have been rather quiet, besides the constant telephone rings or customers walking through the store, and it's been nice. I've been able to get a lot of work done without feeling a ounce of annoyance or hatered towards my job. Ask me at the end of the day if that's how I still feel and it may be a different answer but as of now I'm content.

There is a possiblity that our Office Manager may not be with our store for much longer. If that happens then I will be the only full-time worker and possibly being moved up to a better postion, Lead Clerical. I'm not getting my hopes up for Office Manager, or for any better position for that matter, and I'm not even sure if I would accept the Office Manager position. I'll be getting my raise on November so that will be nice and add a few dollars to my pay check each month. It feels nice to be important at your job though, I've finally found something I'm good at. Although I do not plan on making it a career it is nice for the time being.

Last night I made a pretty damn good dinner, if I do say so myself, and spent a good amount of time on it. Yes, I made a home cooked meal for the first time in months. It was Mushroom Manacotti with a Garlic Mushroom Sauce stuffed with cream cheese, feta cheese and onions. It was pretty hard the get the cheese mixture into the shells because they kept tearing but I managed to fill them. Altogether it took about a hour and a half from start to finish. So much for a 45 minute meal. But it was good so I suppose it was worth it.

I think I want to go to a pumpkin patch and get a pumpkin just to carve. I don't like Halloween but I think it would be fun for William and I to carve one together though I'm not sure how good it would turn out, maybe I can just use a sharpie and draw the face on. Hah.

And I'm feeling pretty damn festive today considering I'm wearing a orange sweater, that is extremly soft, and black slacks.

Well I'm about to run out of typing room so I'd better get back to working.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Another Week.

Here I am again sitting in my office at work wishing I could be outside in this beautiful weather. Although some may think I'm crazy for calling 70, or less, degrees beautiful weather but when you live in a state that is rather humid at anytime of the year then you'd understand more why I am so happy about the cold front coming through. Especially since the weekend was spent walking around in 90+ degree weather, which I managed to get a sunburn in, in very dry and humid heat.

No, this post is not just about the weather but I've seemed to ramble on about it as I tend to do sometimes. I have noticed that it's been a while since I've wrote anything, not that anyone reads, and figured I'd make an update. Although it's likely that it will cut me off halfway through since I'm blogging via my celluar device, which seems to be the only way I update anymore because I never have any other time to do so.

Moving on, I do believe I am getting a case of the crud, peraphs I've got the Basic Training Crud, and I'm not sure exactly what the sickness is. Burning chest and coughing is all I know so far. Maybe I'll put the insurance I have now to good use and figure out exactly what I have if it doesn't go away in a few days.

My trip to San Antonio was nice, despite all the emotional parts, and being off work was even nicer. Monday morning came too soon and I was dreading having to go back to work and fall into my routine once again. My little brother is now a Basic Training Graduate and has been stationed a few states away until January working with the Navy. I've learned that I am actually quite good at bowling when using a ball that practically weighs nothing.

The trip was a once in a life time experence and I'm glad I went. It was interesting to see how things are done and what my brother will be doing for the next 6 years of his life. I've also learned that there are many rules when it comes to being in the Airforce, even learning how to walk a certain way and hold your arms, and that it was like their own little community. ( I'll have to fix this to one entry when I am on a computer. ) Oh, and I've also learned that Hockey Games are quite intense especially when you have floor seats. And apparently AT&T should just give up now because they obviously have no idea what they are doing or how to activate a iPhone properly, or even spell for that matter. Yes my brother bought a iPhone, must be nice having no expenses and being able to live friviously. I've also learned that I take way too many photos, 100+ for four days, and have no idea when I will have the time re-size and upload.

It's nice to know that I have some job security though - apparently things didn't go so well without me here and they don't ever want me taking time off again, good luck with that one.

Well since I have been typing away for almost a hour I'd better get back work and actually do some work since I've been putting it off all morning.

One of these days I'll get around to posting all the pictures from my weekend adventure.

Monday, October 1, 2007

October Is Here!

As much as I love summer, which was an amazing one by the way, I'm ready for the cool weather to begin. I'm ready to be able to wear sweaters and take walks in the afternoon. I'm also excited about everything turning red, orange and brown. I'm going to fall in love with Autumn this year. Candles filled with fragrance of cinnamoen, sp?, will soon be filling our apartment along with color door decorations. I'm not even that excited about Halloween because I don't celebrate it - I'm more excited about the weather changing.

Although October has begun I'm still seeing 90+ degrees on my themometer while driving to work. Looking at the forcast for the rest of the week and seeing a day with 70 degrees makes me very excited too bad I'll probably have to work on that day and won't even get to enjoy it.

Suprisngly enough, for a Monday, I am in a good mood even with my sales people hounding me about their contest that ends in 8 short days. I believe it has to do something with the wonderful weekend I had. As you know our 1 year anniversary was on Saturday and it was perfect. I received a gift, that made me tear up, in a big black box. As I opened I saw this beautiful, heart shaped, diamond necklace. It's so beautiful and it took my breathe away. And I've come to the conclusion that I'm so very lucky to have this beautiful man in my life. Never in my life have I been treated as good as he treats me. It was refreshing to have a bottle of wine and just laugh and talk with each other. Getting out of bed was a struggle this morning because I wanted to stay and snuggle with him all afternoon.

But here I am at work, which is dead now, alone ( my office manager is sick or something and she left early ) listening to the tick tock of the clock and incredibly bad music wishing time would go by as quickly as possible so that I can get home.

Sunday we laid around all day and just loved on each other, had tickle fights, and watched a few movies. Then, unfourtantly, we went grocery shopping. Initially we thought since it was Sunday around 9pm that it wouldn't be that crowded at the grocery store. Wrong. It was packed but at least we didn't have to deal with rude stockers and loud rap music. I'm not sure which one is worse. Ended up staying up way too late and getting 6 hours of sleep - almost late to work as well. I sure do have a case of the Monday's. But with all that I'm still happy as ever.

My Mom spoke with my brother, last time she spoke with him he was wanting to quit and just wasn't liking Basic at all, and he's doing much better. She said he seemed a lot happier and that he's doing well in his classes. Next week my parents, myself and William are making a trip down to San Antonio to see him graduate. Which will end up having lots of pictures and proud tears.

Anyway I'd better get back to work - my thumbs are starting to hurt and it's getting busy here. Only one more hour left.

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