Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Day Well Spent.

After spending a few hours with one of WIlliam's friends that we haven't seen in two months, which was mostly spent with the boys playing video games and talking shit to each other, we decided to make the drive out to Ikea and pick out a television stand. The one we had before was starting to bow in the middle since our big screen is a lot heavier then our older one. After driving 45 minutes we finally saw the sign for our destination and excitement immediately set in. We quickly found a parking spot and headed into furniture heaven. After walking through all the show rooms we finally found the one we had been waiting to see, that also matched our coffee table to a tee, and decided that it was the one we had to have. We also casually walked through the bedrooms and looked at beds that we liked. After making our decision we decided to head downstairs to browse through the rest of the store. This part of the store is filled with, plates, cups, wine glasses, tea kettles, silverware, table cloths, organization boxes, lamps, bedsheets, bathroom sets and much more. We also ended up finding these really nifty organization boxes to go inside the cubbies of our coffee table and television stand, they can be used for dvd's/cd's and magazines, so that everything is not laying out all over the place. After spending a hour and a half inside the store we decided it was time to check out which is where my mouth dropped at the total of three items. Then we made our way to the counter where they have you bring your car to the front and then help you put the box into your car, if needed. We spent about 10 minutes waiting for them to call our number and then wheeled our newly bought television stand out to the car. The fun part was trying to get this box into the trunk of my car, we ended up having to lay down the backseats and pull the passenger seat all the way up, which ended me sitting in the backseat of my own car. Since we were starving we stopped at IHOP, at this point just about anything sounded delicious, to grab dinner before we headed home. As we drove home I kept dozing off, talk about being exhausted.

And I've come to the realization that when getting excited about new furniture, or appliances, that I've turned into a old woman. The days of partying are long gone and replaced with washers and dryers, furniture shopping, and wishing for new a new vaccum. It was nice having a day just the two of us just being ourselves. Honestly, I'd take all of that over partying any day.

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