Thursday, November 1, 2007

Enviromently Friendly.

After reading this news article
and lurking around on the Bio-Kleen
website I've become interested in using these "green" products. Though my boyfriend thinks that I'm silly and will only use the products for a few months and then become disinterested with them I believe that if these products were bought and available to use that I'd have more of an interest in cleaning. Since most household cleaning products are deemed unsafe, and give him terrible headaches, it's nice knowing that there is something out there that can get rid of the also harmful bacterica in kitchens and bathrooms without putting toxins into your system.

Per the store locator on the website I found a nearby Sunflower Shoppe that carries the products. I suppose I could always buy online, but what's the fun in that? I suppose, as much as I dread it, that I should try to clean our apartment as best as possible but I'd much rather be out shopping for my newly found way to live "green".


Toni said...

I don't know if it's as expensive as other all-natural or environmentally-friendly products, but generally that way of life is more expensive. People justify it by saying, "IT'S WORTH IT IN THE LONG RUN!" and you know, they're perfectly right.

But being in my early 20's and having college expenses, an apartment, and bills.. it just wouldn't work for me. Plus, I have issues; if I can't smell some sort of chemical, I feel like it's not cleaning. lmmfao.

Good luck to you, lizzie-poo!

Belle Femme. said...

And I totally agree. I have plenty of expenses as well but as of right now I refuse to use any cleaning products other then hot water and soap because I can't stand the smell of anything else. And I KNOW that's not getting rid of the bacteria and everything else that's lurking around so I have to find something. And I'm sure I could spend a few dollars, instead of using it for clothes, to get something of these cleaning producuts.

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