Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day Three Hundred & Fourteen. - Project 365.

Day Three Hundred & Fourteen. - First Vet Visit. - Let me just say that this was a pretty stressful day. First of all my adorable little girl does not like the car at all, and mind you I had a head ache from the previous night, and continued to bar in her kennel while we drove a half an hour to the Vet. Finally we reach our destination only to find out that she has vomited all over the crate and her leash. Luckily we had a spare leash so we take her inside and patiently wait to see her doctor. And boy was she smelly! We went to see how much she weighed and I had to hold her onto the scale but it's somewhere between 27-30 pounds. She met her doctor and really seemed to like him and had no problem getting her temperature taken or being examined by the doctor. What she did not like was her shots and getting her nails cut. Finally the doctor had to bring her back into the room with us to give her the last set of her shots. One nail was clipped and then she escaped and ran around the clinic like a mad pup. Needless to say they didn't try to clip any others and sent us on our way. Hopefully next time things will go a bit more smoothly.

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