Friday, February 1, 2008

Day Twenty-Two. - Project 365.

Day Twenty-Two. - Non-Imaginative.- As I was sitting in my car on my last break of the day I was racking my brain trying to think of a picture for today. I wanted something I've never taken a photo of before, something outside of the normal, that didn't include something inside our apartment or food. And this is the result and I'm pretty disappointed with it. I really need new ideas if I'm going to keep up with this Project each day.


jenny jones said...

Hi I'm Jenny...I saw your blog a couple of weeks ago and it got my i have been checking back every so often...I'm with you on a lack ideas for pictures...I know there is everything in the world around be but nothing is just that perfect you got me think while I should have been working :) Parts of the body...nothing bad I'm talking like fingers toe etc...AND SOON SPRING TIME FLOWERS...I am so ready for boots...tree bark...just some ideas...have a great Monday!

Belle Femme. said...

Hi Jenny, I'm glad to hear I have other people reading my blog. : ]

Since it's been cold here I'm mostly inside but I'm getting sick of trying to figure out things to photograph inside our little tiny apartment, haha. And when I do see something good I'm usually in the car on the free way. Thank you for the suggestions! I'll have to do a few of those. I am very excited for Spring Flowers as well! Hope you have a great week and feel free to stop by anytime.

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