Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Twenty-One. - Project 365.

Day Twenty-One. - A Typical Housewife. - Since I had the whole day off, and I was by myself, I spent my after noon cleaning our apartment. Since we were almost out of clothes to wear I decided it was time to do laundry as well, hence the reason my Living Room turned into a Laundry Room, and because I'm OCD about it I had to sort it out into separate little piles. And since apparently TiVo knew I was cleaning, and being a housewife, it turned on the good ol' Soap Opera's for me. After looking at this picture it made me chuckle a little. But, let me just say that cleaning a apartment by yourself is so much harder then having William help me, it literally took me all afternoon. Oh well, at least everything is cleaned to my liking now.

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