Monday, February 18, 2008

Day Thirty-Nine. - Project 365.

Day Thirty-Nine. - Retail Therapy. Originally I went shopping to purchase new black trousers for work since mine had broken that morning. Little did I know Khols was having a sale and everything was reduced down to a very low price. I only found a couple pair of trousers that I liked, and were in my size, and when I tried them on I completely hated them. So, I decided to look for a nice skirt or dress appropriate enough for work. After walking around the department store for about half an hour, and being in and out of the dressing room, I almost gave up. Since I couldn't find anything I really liked in the Junior's section, yes I still shop there, I decided to try the Misses section. Found the perfect skirt and shirt and knew I had to have it. After finding the perfect outfit I headed over to the handbags, because my purse was falling apart, and found this great bag for ten dollars. Next thing I know I'm at the register with a new outfit, new heels, a new purse, and new boxers for William. Good thing I saved about 15% or I would have spent entirely way too much money.


Karen said...

Next to shoes, purses are my favorite thing to buy. You can never have too many purses (nor shoes).

Belle Femme. said...

I couldn't agree more, Karen. I haven't been shopping in so long I forgot how much fun it was, minus the Buyers Remorse afterwards.

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