Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wedding Decisions.

Today while at work, I had plenty of time to think, it finally came to me what I should do about the wedding and what I actually want to take place. After realizing that it isn't a realistic goal to spend 5-6k on our wedding, as much as I want to, I decided to narrow the budget down a lot. Now our budget is 1-3k which some people think that you can't spend that little and have a beautiful wedding but I will prove you wrong. I've decided, which this might change, that I want a ceremony only which will save us so much money since we won't be hosting a dinner. I've also decided that I want it to be a very small wedding, no more then twenty people, which will feel more close knit and I will have the people that I truly want, and are happy, to see us getting married. We will have our wedding party and of course the mother/father of the bride and the mother of the groom as well as his sister plus twenty other family and friends. Right now all I want is music and photography as our main expenses. We will also have fresh flowers for mine and the girls bouquets and the guys boutonnieres then fake flowers to decorate the pews and isle with. I will also be spending a good amount of money on my dress because that is most important to me. I also decided, finally, who I want to be my Matron of Honor so now I have my entire wedding party picked out. I am torn, though, between my church that I grew up in or William's uncle's church that his family goes to. His Uncle has already offered to let us rent the church fee of charge and now I'm just waiting to hear back from my old church to see what they say as well. But I really think I can start planning now and as soon we recieve our Income Tax check we will be opening a savings account and putting most of the money towards the wedding. I'm actually pretty excited, again, and am going to force myself be glad to make time to plan our wedding. 

Honestly all that matters in the end is that I'm married to him which is why I'm cutting back on all the extravagance. I'm only worried that some members of our families will be offended that they were not there to see us get married but that's where the huge reception comes into the play that we will be having a few months, or so, after the ceremony. 

9 months and counting. I can't wait to be a Mrs'. ♥

I apologize if this is all over the place and not well thought out but I am overwhelmed with excitement and joy. 


jenny jones said...

I can honestly say that a wedding can add up fast if you are not careful! And like you said the only thing that really matters is at the end when they say to your husband you can KISS your BRIDE!!!! One tip is that if you can find someone local to do your Flowers it is alot cheaper...and fake flowers look just as good as real on most things...my mom was the one that did mine THANK GOODNESS she knows how to do all that stuff :) HAVE A BLAST PLANNING YOUR WEDDING!

Belle Femme. said...

Jenny, yes I am actually quite surprised at how much money can go into one event. For me, that's all that really matters is that in the end we are married. Hopefully I will be able to have someone do our wedding flowers because I know fresh one's will be way to expensive. I think I've decided to use fake ones for all the decorations like pews, centerpieces, etc. and real ones on the girls and my bouquets and the boys bouts. Thanks, I'm very excited to get planning!

Edie said...

Great work.

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