Thursday, November 15, 2007

Southern Cooking.

Chicken And Dumplings.
1 Can Of Chicken Vegetable Soup.
1 Bag Of Frozen Buttermilk Biscuts.

Cooking Directions.
In medium saucepan heat soup to boiling over medium heat. Meanwhile, place frozen biscuts on plate and microwaved 15 to 30 seconds. Cut each biscut into 6 pieces. Place biscut pieces on top of simmering soup. Reduce heat to low ; cover and simmer 6 to 7 minutes until dumplings are fluffy.

My Review.
Although this recipe is incredibly easy to make and takes less then 10 minutes there are a few things I would change about it, and a few things I did differently. Since I forgot to get Chicken Vegetable Soup I had to make some chicken myself. I used about half of a chicken breast and cut it into small pieces and cooked it for about 20 minutes, without using any oil, and let it "boil" until chicken was firm and inside was white. I also followed the directions to a tee, I even put the biscuts in the microwave for longer then recommended, and disliked the outcome of the biscuts. Normally when I think of chicken and dumplings I think of the dumplings sitting on top of the vegetable soup but they were too mushy to do that so I mixed it into the vegetable/chicken mixture. I also think there needs to be two cans of Vegetable Soup, if feeding one person it would work out well but with two people it's not as filling. Next time I make this dinner I plan on cooking the biscuts first and then cutting them into pieces, making sure they are soft, and then place them on top of the soup. And I will probably be using 2, maybe even 3, cans of Vegetables and a little more chicken breast. Now the dinner was delicious despite these things and William seemed to like it a lot but there are some adjustments that need to be made. And I'm sure it would be good even without the chicken. Enjoy!

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