Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is The Week Over Yet?

I've been doing a lot of research online about "natural" cleaning products because hot water just isn't cutting it for me anymore. And I know if I buy something with harsh chemicals and harsh smells then I will never use it so I'm trying to find something that not only gets rid of all the bacteria but is also not harmful. I know I've wrote about this before but it's something that is on my mind a lot. I also want to get a new vacuum, and I really have my heart set on a Dyson, because ours is not only old but it's not picking up as well as I'd like. The sad this is I don't have, nor will I anytime soon, three hundred plus dollars lying around to spend on a vacuum. Maybe if I'm lucky the prices will drop and I'll be able to afford one. A girl can only wish, right?

Speaking of cleaning I actually got some stuff done around the apartment that I've been putting off for weeks. Most of Sunday afternoon was spent lying around in bed and just playing around together but we dedicated a good two hours to cleaning this apartment. Having a clean house makes me feel so much better and instantly boosts my mood. We also bought a a file box and William sorted through, I still have to do mine, all his important documents and bills and then organized them in folders. It was kind of nice and relaxing to have the television off while he sorted papers on the floor next to me as I read my book. Speaking of that book, I've been trying to finish it for a year now and I'm almost finish, I think I have around two hundred pages left. I'm almost sad to be done with it because it's such a good book and I don't know if anything that I read after it will compare. We've also decided to designate Sunday as our cleaning day and hopefully we will stick with it.

Last night we splurged a little and ate Chili's for dinner, which really needs to stop because we spend more money eating out then actual groceries, and it made me wish I could cook mashed potatoes that good. We also watched our previously recorded TiVo shows, The Big Bang, and then cuddled in bed for a few hours before I fell asleep. Now that I'm working I feel as if we never, or at least hardly, get to see each other since we have such different working schedules. I wake up before he does and I'm usually asleep before he gets home. But it's good that we have the exact same days off so that we can spend quality time together otherwise it would be a lot harder.

I had my 120 day review, at work, on Monday and it went better then I expected and I will be getting my raise starting next pay period I believe. Although it's not much of a raise it's better then nothing, and it's what they promised me when they hired me, so I'm grateful to be getting it. I'm a "official" employee now and no longer on my "probation". I'm also eligible for direct deposit and getting discounts on furniture purchases. I'm looking forward to direct deposit so that I will no longer have to leave work to run to the bank and put my check in my account, plus I think I get my savings account back so I can start saving up for the wedding.

I suppose I'd better start making the grocery list seeing as how our pantry is bare, again.

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