Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Week.

I'm writing on hopes of passing time and making this rather slow passing day move more quickly so that I can go home sooner. Plus, it's been a while since I've written and what better thing to do to procrastinate working? Yeah, I thought so too.

Anyway, my work schedule has changed for the next month and I'll be getting two days off in a row. None of my hours have changed or hours been cut, just different days off. Why? Because William was given an opprotunity (sp?) to work on a special project at work that requries him to work Wednesday through Sunday. This not only gets him off the phones, and if anyones worked telemarketing or customer service then they know what a big deal this is, and not dealing with rude customers all day long. He will also be getting paid more since he will be there until 2am, after 6pm it goes up and then increases at 12am again, and won't be leaving for work until 5pm. Yes, this means that he leaves for work a hour before I come home from work. We will still be able to have dinner together though so that's a positive. And I'm glad my boss was able to change my schedule to fit his so we can have our two days together. Now I will really have to get used to falling asleep before he gets home because there is no way I can go to bed at 2am and wake up at 8am, some days even 7am, it just won't work and I'll be a grouch. I am glad this is only for a month though because we hardly get to see each other as it is, now it will be even less, but this was a great opprotunity ( sp? ) for him and looks good to the company so I supported him 100%.

I didn't get the chance to shop on Black Friday, and I'm glad because I don't like dealing with crowds, nor did I shop on Cyber Monday but I will be christmas shopping soon. I have some extra money this pay check so I'd better start shopping now before I'm unable to. I really want to go shopping for our Christmas Tree, it will be our first one together, and decorate it as well. But I'll have to wait until next Monday because I work 7 days in a row, hence the blog title.

 Sorry for now finishing the blog sooner I updated while I was at work and it cut me off and I haven't had time to finish it until now. Now I have no idea what else I wanted to write about. 

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