Friday, September 21, 2007

Wow, I am actually using this thing.

The only thing I don't like about this blog is that the layouts suck and I'm not computer savvy, shock I know, enough to make one of my own.

Anyway, I ended up going shopping the other day and bought myself a pretty cute outfit. We were out getting shampoo, since I bought two conditioners, and I decided I needed to buy something for myself and ended up not seeing anything that I liked at Target so we headed over to Khols. I wasn't even planning on going shopping just buying the one thing I needed and that was it but of course I got distracted and ended up spending $ 70 dollars. I got a cute, purple, sweater shirt and then a pencil skirt and then of course the thing I orginally sought out to purchase. My jaw litteraly dropped when I saw the total and I actually argued with the sales lady asking if these were the discounted prices. Which they were I'm just used to shopping at places like Ross, which I will never shop at again because their clothes are poor quality, and getting 6 outfits for $100 dollars. Last night I also went shopping, which these are things I actually needed, and got new eyeshadow, mascara, nailpolish, a necklace, a black headband and some Carpet Fresh or as William likes to call them "stupid things". Which ended up being another $ 50 dollars for one bag worth of stuff which is outrageous but that's all the spending, shopping, I'll be doing for at least a couple of months.

My next paycheck is already spent seeing as my car payment is due on the 8th and then I've got to get groceries, maybe this time I'll actually get two weeks worth, and then figure out something to get William for our 1 year anniversary. Speaking of paycheck's work is going pretty good my boss came back today and it was nice to be able to eat my lunch is peace or not have to rush to use the restroom. And I got the time off that I requested for my Brothers Basic Graduation in October which will be nice considering it will be a four day weekend!

Hopefully I'll be starting my Project 365 back up again since I've got fresh batteries in my camera and I'll post those on here, too. I guess that's it for now time to start winding down and getting ready for work tomorrow. Hopefully it will go by fast and my day off will get here sooner.

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