Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let's Try Mobile Blogging.

As I'm sitting here eating birthday cake, one of our sales persons birthday was Monday and our manager bought a cake and we have leftovers, in between calls coming through and trying to finish my morning work I've decided I don't want to do that anymore and that I'd rather be blogging via my mobile device. And I'm sure this will take me a good amount of time to finish because our phone has been ringing off the hook today.

Today I am working alone since there is only two full-time office workers and my office manager has the day off, which who I usually work with, and I don't mind working alone - I did it for two weeks and was fine. I'm new, I've been here a little less then three months, but I'm expected to know everything, to work 40+ hours a week for less then 9.00 a hour. ( Hopefully I will be getting a raise when my probationary period is up otherwise I will find a new job. )
Not only am I expected to know everything within the office, some stuff I wasn't even shown and learned how to do today, I'm also a repair woman since I've now had to fix our copier, it broke this morning, and I'll be taking care of the printer situation today that has been going on since Saturday.

My schedule is constantly changing and for once I thought I had one that was consistant but nope, of course not, its been changed again. Next week I'll be closing on Friday and then that following Wednesday I will be closing again. Without breaks, which we get 30 minutes for lunch, that's 41 hours. What happened to getting in trouble for me working overtime? Sure the paycheck will be nice but at the end of the day it's leaving me feeling frazzled.

I can't wait for my 4 day mini vacation that will be happening in October. I requested 2 days off to see my brother at his Basic Training Graduation and then I have two of my regular days off at the same time so its going to be really nice. That's one thing, right now, that I'm looking foward to. I'm also looking foward to Sunday, which is when we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

Anyway, our one year anniversary is going to be a very special day. I can't believe it's already been a year. I ended up buying a bottle of wine last night and I'm going to use that for our anniversary, even though we already opened it, so I'm pretty excited for it.

I'd better get back to work and do something productive since I sat here for 20 minutes typing away on my Palm. Now my thumbs are sore.

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