Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ready for the day before it had begun.

I wake up to see the bathroom light on and Mr. V standing at his night stand with his phone in his hand sratching his head. I then look at my phone to find out that it's only four in the morning and tell him to turn off the light and then roll over to try and get back to sleep, all the while our dog is barking, but instead he wants to have a conversation.

Mr. V - When I looked at my phone before it said 8am and now it says 4am.
Me - Just get back in bed and go to sleep.
Mr. V - I took a shower and brushed my teeth thinking it was time to go to work.
I then start laughing.
Mr. V - It's not funny I was mad at you because you weren't getting up and it was already 8am. And I was mad at my phone because my alarm didn't go off. I was also wondering why the sun wasn't up.
At this point I'm awake and cracking up.
Me - Let's just go back to sleep.
He finally gets back in bed with wet hair.
Mr. V - Now I'm not even tired.
He wants to have a conversation now.

Over and over again he would say " I feel so stupid". I tried not to laugh but it was pretty hilarious. I've had dreams about being late to work but I've never gotten ready at 4am, I guess he was eager to work today.♥

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