Friday, October 10, 2008

Day Two Hundred & Seventy. - Project 365.

Day Two Hundred & Seventy. - Here Comes The Bride! - My Photographer set my dress up aganist the window to take a few shots and I decided to snap one with my camera, too. Although the day was pretty nervewracking, I was fine until my hair appointment, I don't think it could have happened any better. I wasn't even that nervous until we got in front of the doors to walk down the aisle and then I started shaking. Walking down the aisle watching William's face brought tears to my eyes and as I stood across from him I could stop smiling, or whispering to him. I was so nervous that I even forgot to get my bouquet back from my brother, who was my Man of Honor, and he had to walk down the aisle with it. Poor thing! I'll be able to post a video soon, too, since we were able to have the church record it for us. I have never felt more beautiful in my life then on this day.

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jenny said...

AWEsome Picture!!!!!

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