Thursday, September 11, 2008

Honeymooning in Mexico.

Our Honeymoon will be spent on a gorgeous cruise ship for five nights, leaving on the 13th and coming back the 18th, and we will be visting Cozumel and Progreso. As far as the photos show it's going to be an amazing time with beautiful scenery. Our room has a ocean view. I really can't wait to see the inside of the ship. I've never been on a cruise, William has, so I have no idea what to expect. This is going to be our first vacation with each other. Just the two of us. Only 29 more days to go and then we're off!


jenny said...

Girl you will LOVE it! I mean LOVE it!!! - I am excited for you...

A Mrs. To-Be. said...

I am SO excited, but at the same I'm so nervous and I don't want to get sick on the ship, and we are planning to ride horses on the beach in Cozumel! Ahh.. so romantic! :D

jenny said...

Rod took the patches you wear behind the ear for sea sickness...but we never had to use them...there was only one night that we even noticed we were on a don't be nervous! The horse thing sounds really cool!! - and make known it is your honeymoon!!! when we did it was like they just started being really nice to us and sent us to a honeymooners lunch and stuff where you got stuff and it was really neat! - ARE YOU ALL SET WITH THE WEDDING PLANS??

A Mrs. To-Be. said...

William has been on a cruise before so he knows what to get for motion sickness. But I've never had a problem with it before so maybe I won't this time either.

Did they send the stuff for free, that would be so cool!

For the most part everything is planned I am just doing last minute stuff, decor, for the reception and trying to stay calm. Only 10 more days, I can't believe it!

jenny said...

Yeah it was free that what made me so happy! our room - they were really awesome!

10 days - yeah!!! Enjoy those crazy days!!!

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