Friday, June 27, 2008

Day One Hundred & Sixty-Four. - Project 365.

Day One Hundred & Sixty-Four. - HouseWarming Card. - While we were in Kansas visiting William's Grandmother we got the pleasure of staying with his Aunt and Uncle overnight. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera so I could have taken photos of how beautiful Kansas is everything was so vibrant with summer color. Anyway, his Aunt and Uncle had the most beautiful house, too, that they had just had custom built. We got the stay in there basement, which was pretty much the size of our house, and it was just really a great expierence. The morning before we left his Aunt, who is such a nice lady, gave us this card for our new home. I didn't even know HouseWarming Cards existed but I was very thankful and thought it was a very nice gesture, especially since this is my first time meeting them!

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