Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day One Hundred & Fifty-One. - Project 365.

Day One Hundred & Fifty-One. - Floral Pattern. - Just a up-clost shot of the pattern of the skirt I wore today. Best thing about summer is wearing knee length skirts and feeling pretty.


Lindsay said...

Looks cute!!

I love skirts and dresses in the summer. Easy way to feel super girly!

Also, love the new bedroom set you guys got! I want to save up for a nice set... Was it expensive?

A Mrs. To-Be. said...

Thanks, and yes it does make me feel super girl to wear skirts! I love it!

The bedroom set we got is amazing! I work for a furniture company so I got a pretty good discount but I think for all of it, at regular cost, would be close to 2,000 dollars. That's a Queen Bed, Queen Mattress and Box spring, two night stands and a dresser/mirror. :)

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