Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Offical.. We're HomeOwners!

I'm updating via the mobile device, which kills my thumbs, because our internet is not up and running yet.

Anyway, closing wasn't as nerve wracking as I expected it to be, except driving a hour to get there, we were done within an hour.

After that we headed to our apartment packed up a few boxes, as much as our cars would take, and then got our keys and started moving in right away. The house is perfect and everything that needed to be touched up has been. As of right now it's spotless, besides television cords and empty boxes, and I hope that I'm able to keep it up as good as it looks now.

The only thing left at the old place are odds and ends and our boxed food and some in the fridge. Our new one is amazing by the way and I have no idea what to do with all the space.

Speaking of space I have so many cabneits and have only been able to fill a few. I guess that's an excuse to buy new things, right, and that goes for my huge walk-in closet!

Moving two apartments in two days and then working today has left me exhaused and sore. With that said I'm going to hit the sheets, early morning again!

And I promise I'll update my Project 365 soon! I'm so behind but I have been taking the photos each day.

Ow. Hand cramps.

Edit : I lied everything isn't so perfect.. We found out why our phone/internet isn't working. The house has no dial tone, there is one outside but not inside, and we have to get the builder to fix it. I hope they really do send someone out Tuesday as they said. This really worries me. And now our Dishwasher is leaking, I suppose that's what we get for not upgrading it. Let's hope it's fixed Tuesday along with the wiring.


Lindsay said...

Congrats!! That's so exciting!

jenny jones said...

O how exciting!!!


Congrats! I hope your next blog is how the guy came out and fixed everything thing today and now everything is perfect!!

A Mrs. To-Be. said...

Linsday - Thanks, girl! I'm so excited to finally be in our house!!

Jenny - Thank you! :) Actually my darling hubby to be fixed it. Just a wire that wasn't connected, that's all, the people never came when they said they would too!
Now if I could get that dang dishwasher fixed!

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