Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day Forty-Seven. - Project 365.

Day Forty-Seven. - Little Ol' Town. - For my Mom's birthday we drove down, two and a half hours, to visit them out in the country. After we got there we had to drive another 45 minutes to get to town to be able to be on time for our appointment at the "spa". I say, "spa", because it was actually a Cosmetology School but were treating ourselves to facials, pedicures and manicures so it was like a Spa Day. The school was actually right in the middle of Down Town across from this beautiful building, one of the great things about small towns, that was built with stone, as opposed to our wooden buildings these days, to keep them from catching on fire. Anyway, the weather was beautiful, except for it being extremely windy, and I just had to snap a photo before we left back home.

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