Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Is Right Around The Corner.

About a week ago we decided to put up our Christmas Tree that my parents brought us. We went and bought all the decorations and though I didn't intend to I made a theme of black, silver, white and blue. I really liked how the tree turned out and the ornaments that we decided to buy. Since this is our first Christmas, and first tree, actually together it's pretty exciting for us. I also bought a "Our Christmas Together" ornament, which is a heart, and I really like it. Since we didn't have the traditional tree, or colors, I decided we should get an angel to put on the top. The only thing left is to get a skirt for the bottom and then put some presents under it. 
 Christmas has really snuck up on me, I thought I had more time, and now I'm hoping I will be able to get everyone their presents in time. It also really hasn't felt like Christmas, or even Winter for that matter, and I suppose I blame that on the weather. For the past week it has been 70+ degrees during the day. A cold front finally came in and has lowered the temperature quiet a bit, right now it's 33 degrees, and it's starting to feel like Christmas. Although I wish the beautiful leaves of vibrant oranges and reds weren't falling off just yet. It would be nice if we had snow but I would hate driving in that so I suppose it's a good thing.  
I also bought stockings that we hung on our fireplace, but it won't let me upload it on here, and mine his Silver and Williams' is Black. They are both velvet and have a lot of bead work on them and are just gorgeous. Perhaps at a later time I will be able to get a photo of them uploaded to put in my blog. 

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