Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day Two Hundred & Sixty-Eight. - Project 365.

Day Two Hundred & Sixty-Eight. - My Final Fling! - My Bachlorette Party was one of the most fun nights, with the girls, I've had in a very long time. After making my way to my bridemaids apartment, and after opening her gifts, we headed over to the bar. Since I was wearing my Bachlorette Sash we got into the bar for free and my first shot for free. Now, normally I don't do shots but my bridesmaid assured me that she would not let me get out of control so I gave in, haha! Two friends of mine met up with us at the bar as well and we had a great time dancing and drinking. The best part was having all of my drinks paid for by my girls and not having a hangover the next morning!

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