Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day Two Hundred & Seventy-Six. - Project 365.

Day Two Hundred & Seventy-Six. - A Walk On The Beach. - We left our backpack and Bride & Groom flip flops on the sand to go play in the water in Cozumel, Mexico. We had so much fun on this day, except for sand getting in places it shouldn't be, and I'm pretty sure I could get used to being a beach bum. Oh, not to mention, walking hand to hand on the beach is the most romantic thing ever.


LegallyBoston said...

OMG, I LOOOOOVE the sandals!! They're adorable!

Mrs. V. said...

Thank you. My mother-in-law got them as a early present for us! I hate that mine are already so dirty, because there white, but they are still super cute!

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