Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day Two Hundred & Seventy-One. - Project 365.

Day Two Hundred & Seventy-One. - Dinner with the In-Laws. - We were invited to dinner with William's family and made the drive up to see them all. William snapped the picture, he was nervous, too fast before I could even look up and I hid Michelle. Oops. I have never fit in so well with a family that wasn't my own and I love that they love me. I wrote a little note to Grandma Hall telling her that I wish she was able to be at the wedding and that we have a CD of the video for her. Hopefully she will like that and not be too mad that her health wouldn't let her come to the wedding, I know she had been looking forward to it. After everything settles down we will have to make a special trip to see her and show her all the photos.

94 Days Left of Project 365!

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