Monday, October 27, 2008

Day Two Hundred & Eighty-Seven. - Project 365.

Day Two Hundred & Eighty-Seven. - Dutch Beer Girl. - Since we were invited to a costume party we just had to find costumes, right? We made our way out to Spirits, a new costume shop that just opened up, and made our way through the mounds of people. Not only was I trying to find something that was cute but at a reasonable price. I picked one and made my way to the dressing room only to stand in line for another twenty minutes, they were pretty busy, and then finally be able to try it on. I decided that it looked good enough and went to find William to pay and leave. He ended up finding a costume that he liked as well from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Master Shake. I found it hilarious and we decided to get it. I'm looking forward to everyone seeing it as well.

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