Friday, March 28, 2008

Stolen Identity.

A man and woman walk up to the counter at work and say they are wanting to know how much they were able to spend on their Finance Account, it had been a little over a month and they were approved online. Most of the time we don't like customers at the counter anyway because it's too distracting but these people would not back down. After finding out what they were able to spend a Sales Order for them to purchase their furniture was written by one of our most trusting sales men. A birth date of 1939 came up as a clue but was overlooked and the Sales Order was processed. The man and woman were very friendly and continued to distract myself and our Office Manager, they played the game very well. After calling our Warehouse that we had suspicion of a Identity Theft the Sales Order was then voided and the Police were called to the Warehouse. We then looked carefully over there Drivers License to only prove that our suspicion had been correct. At the top of the License the state had been misspelled and the city was the same as the state, which obviously there was no such city, the Social Security Number was in plain view on the License. There was also plenty of other strange things that were happening while they stood in front of us for a half an hour waiting on their plan to go through. This is my first encounter with any kind of Theft in the work place and it kind of shook me up. It also made me sick to my stomach that people are using other people and getting away with it each and every day. It scares me to know that this could also happen to me and that in a instant my world could be destroyed. I can't imagine how it would feel to have your Identity, who you are as a person, stolen by a fellow human being. I hope that one day they understand what they are doing and how terribly wrong it is and learn from their mistakes.

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jenny jones said...

That is scary and sad that people can do that and just lie staight to your face and act so NICE!!!

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