Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day Fifty.-Six. - Project 365.

Day Fifty-Six. - Ever Changing Weather. - A few pictures down I wrote about how I was bummed that the snow storm didn't reach to our area and here it is a few days later I got my wish! I had been hearing what sounded like rain hit the window all afternoon, so we decided to stay in, and I finally got up to look and found out that it was snowing! Of course the weathermen told everyone to stay inside since the roads were pretty bad but what did we do? Of course we went and drove around and it's a good thing we did since it melted a few hours later. It was beautiful and I'm glad we got a little taste of all the other states have that are still getting snow, or did during the winter, but I have to say I'm glad that our state doesn't have snow that often!

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jenny jones said...

AWWWWEEE - wasn't the snow just wonderful it makes everything so pretty...but then it starts to melt - yuk...but I loved it and now I am soooo ready for SPRING!!!!!

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