Sunday, December 23, 2007

Now I can finally relax.

After coming home from a long, exhausting, day at work I decided to check the mail and to my surprise I had a few pieces of mail that weren't bills. After noticing that they were Christmas Cards my mood instantly changed and I couldn't help but smile. Call me weird if you'd like but I love getting mail. All of the cards totally made my day and got me into the Christmas Spirit again. 

I will say though that I understand why people shop for Christmas presents right after ThanksGiving. The crowds, and people, are ridiculous this time of the year and I wish I didn't wait until the last minute to buy presents and get everything together. Before I'd laugh at people who said they shopped in November, but now I'm thinking they may be on to something. Plan for next year? Start shopping sooner so I'm not totally stressed, and frazzled, by the time Christmas actually comes around. 

Wrapped presents isn't that bad though but it did take me two hours to finish everything to my liking. I'm still not sure if they look good enough but it will do. I am pretty proud of my wrapping skills on the few presents that I wrapped but for the rest I re-used bags that I had given to me from last year. I even re-used the tissue paper and some of the bows that tie. Hey, call me cheap but I need to save all the money I can since I spent much more then I had anticipated. But I suppose when it's all said and done it will be worth it and I can always earn more money later on. 

Tomorrow we are driving up to his Mom's and celebrating Christmas with her since they have always done theirs on Christmas Eve. Then we are driving to my parents on Christmas Day and opening presents and eating lunch with them. My brother drove in from California today and will be staying for two weeks so I am pretty excited to see him again. Speaking of my brother I had the strangest dream the other night that he had a girlfriend. No, that's not the strange part. The girl that he was with was really skinny, cute and had short brown hair. Well he and a friend, a girl, drove down together and she was skinny, cute and had short brown hair. Freaky, right? Only thing is, she has a boyfriend. He has the worst of luck with girls, poor thing. 

Anyway, I suppose I'll sit here for a few more minutes while waiting on William to get off work and then I'll be going to sleep. We are planning to get up early and open our presents by ourselves here at the apartment and then head to his Mom's. If that actually happens it will be a miracle. 

Oh, and it will be a great Christmas seeing as how I will have four days off in a row from work. I'm really excited for that and not even sure what to do with myself. I'm sure I can find something to keep me occupied. Maybe I'll actually clean our apartment, top to bottom, since it's a wreck. 

Okay, Merry Christmas. Goodnight. 

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